Hi all,

I bought a new motherboard/CPU/memory about 2 months ago and installed it myself. I also have a 6800 GT graphics card and a 500 watt power supply (the graphics card needs its own power via the PSU).

Everything was working fine but a few days ago when I turned the PC on all the fans and lights come on but no display appears AT ALL (no BIOS checking or anything). So then I put my old graphics card in and tried a different monitor but without success. Also I cannot eject the DVD/CD-R drives once the PC is on. I can turn the PC off by puhing the power switch in for 5 seconds making me think the motherboard is not completely broken.

I think something might have overheated or been affected by a power surge but I do not know if its the motherboard or something else and I have no more ideas how to check what the problem is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Im not a real wiz, but have you checked if your motherboard is hot when you turn it on?

Put your hand and touch it (NOT WITH IT ON! And try not to caus a spark )

And also, Check your Pros....See if that little thing got fried...
The 6800GT is a power hungry monster and if your PSU is generic, well it's propably toast at this point. Take a look in PSU section at the PSU guide. It will answer some of your questions.
Thanks for both of your responses. I have a Jeantech 450W PSU and after reading the PSU guide I think it's pretty good. I took it back to PC World and they tested it and said t was fine.

The guy in technical support suggested taking out the RAM from the motherboard and seeing if there was any beeps. When I tried this there was no beeps so I ordered a new motherboard which arrives Friday.

Hopefully it did'nt break the CPU or RAM when it went :/. I'll post another reply on Friday when I find out what the problem was.
Just a final update in case anyone gets a similar problem to that described above. I received a new motherboard on Friday and it turns out that this was the problem after all. Everything works fine now.

So just because the computer starts up/fans spin and power can be turned off via the front power switch, it does'nt mean the motherboard is definately working. That test I descibed of taking out the memory and listening for beeps (assuming your PC speaker is plugged in..) seems to be a good test too. There are a different number of beeps to indicate different problems e.g. memory/CPU etc.

Thanks again for posts

ok, try this. unplug everything except for your hdd and vid card, and try to start up.....o and mobo and heatsink/fan too
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