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Hi, this is my first post but I've been on these forums a while. I had a recent upgrade and I have a pretty nice system now (AMD64 3500 Venice, 1gb Corsair 3200XL RAM, Gigabyte GA-K8NS ULTRA-939 mobo, Antec 550W TruePower 2.0, Gigabyte GV-N66T128VP GEF6600GT, all encased in a shiny black Coolermaster Wavemaster).

My problem is the fans, they still make too much noise to be left on overnight. My comp is about 2m from my bed, so its hum is very noticeable. The Wavemaster comes with 3 stock fans, and its the rear exhaust fan that makes the most noise. I've already added extra foam insulation between the fan and points of contact with the case, and it helped reduce noise by about 20%, but is there a software solution?

Has anyone with a Gigabyte 939 mobo found a good fan speed controller program that works with WinXP SP2? Recommendations anyone?
Hey man,
I was actually debating if i was going to get that Gigabyte for a while. In the end I wanted more OCing features. But to your question, I remember reading several review on the board one of which delt with the software it came with. I forget what it is called, but It should have come with the Board on a CD. If you can't find this or didn't get it you could always download Speedfan from Here note: this will only work if your fans are connected to your motherboard with a 3 pin connectors
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It overclocks pretty easily with the stock programs, Easytune for the cpu and V-Tuner for the graphics card. I had a try and got around 25% more mhz out of it, but it crashed after I tried gaming on the upped settings. I'm not much of a tweaker so the default performance is good enough for me.

Thing is, Easytune shows fan speeds but doesn't let you change them. Speedfan crashes on me. Are there any other such programs that work well with WinXP SP2?
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