Hey guys!

ive spend a lot of money in the past month just so I will be able to Play CS:S. I need you guys to tell me how many FPS you think I will get in it at these settings: 1024x768 Resolution at high settings NOAA NOAF

My rig is....

P4 3ghz 800mhz FSB 1mb L2
512 ddr2 pc3200 (400mhz) RAM
XFX 6600GT

I get around 17000 in 3Dmark01 se

So about how many FPS do you think my rig will be able to pump out?

Thanks for your input guys.
SS Joe
I can't really say how many FPS you will get... but it's probably more than enough to make the game look fluid(55-60FPS+). Of course it all depends on what's going on during the scene... like you won't get the same FPS when comparing a game with 10 people to a game with 30 people, many of which are chuking smoke nades. I wouldn't be very concerned about it, I don't think FPS will drop low enough to hinder your game experience anyways.