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My soyo KT600 mb does not seem to run in the AGP 8x setting. I have an ATI 9800 128 AGP card. Everytime I put the 8x setting in bios, it accepts it. Set the correct settings in display in control panel for 8x. Reboot, then seems ok. But...all games lock up in 8x. My system does not lock up in 4x. Have set all for 4x and everything runs fine. But...I should be able to run in 8x right? whats up with that. Also have kingston hyperx @2x512 pc3200, cpuz says all ok with that. I want my 8x. Help. Please.
Soyo's are notorious for having all kinds of mobo problems (my friend had one, the sound, lan, and memory slots were all messed up). The difference between running 8x and 4x AGP are actually quite minimal (anywhere from 1-3 percent, if that), even with a higher end vid card, such as the 6800/x800.

Try updating your BIOS with the latest firmware, if you really want the 8x to work. Other then that, i don't know what else you could do.