Greetings, all...

I am exploring the possibility of building a secondary PC to use for Internet Browsing/light game play while my primary PC is encoding video.

I have many necessary parts already... A 20GB HD, 384MB PC100 RAM, Video card, NIC, Case and PSU. So all I really need is a Mobo/CPU. I was thinking of a Pentium-III MoBo/CPU.

Now, on NewEgg, I have found a suitable mobo for $65, and a CPU (OEM only) for $45. So, I'm looking at $110 and that's not including a heatsink/fan for the CPU.

Is this my best option? I generally don't like used hardware - but if it were really cheap compared to the above I might consider.

Would AMD be a cheaper route? I'm not familiar with AMDs CPU generations/model numbers, etc... What AMD processor would be on-par with Intel PIII?

Any ideas or suggestions for doing this on-the-cheep?


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I put this together using Buy/Sell/Trade forums for a bud who just surfs the web, writes papers and DL tons of Anime.

1700+ T-bred B $25
Thermalrght SK6+ or SK7 $10.
Cheap KT400 board on newegg, $35
256MB DDR PC2700 $30
Considering you could easily make it do 12x167 (2Ghz) with the right mobo, it would smoke the P3 on SDRAM.
Well what does it mean by "light gaming"? Like Quake 3?
Well if you can, you could a[censored]ze in a few more bucks for a AMD 2000+ XP
Really, I'm just trying to make use of the existing hardware I have - buying the absolute cheapest components to put it all together. The first thought (being an Intel boy) was to go with a P-III.

As for light gaming, I'm talking about MAME (Arcade Emulator) and a program called Orbiter - a freeware spaceflight simulator. ( Orbiter is only built on DX7 and it runs just fine on a P-III / FX5200 combination.

Best prices I can find so far are $59 for a DFI socket370 mobo, $45 for a P-III 1.13GHz, and around $20 for a decent socket 370 HSF. Then, I also need to throw in a monitor/keyboard/mouse splitter for around $25. All total, I'm looking at about $150 + shipping.

What would be an equivalent AMD setup that would use the 384MB of PC133 RAM I already have? About how much would it cost?

Thanks everyone,

"I'm just trying to make use of the existing hardware I have".
Well, sorry if I wasn't clear about that. Well, you might as well go with a new CPU. You can keep your mouse/keyboard, monitor, HDD, FDD, maybe RAM (Is it SDRAM or DDR?) , and maybe your VGA depends what it is.
I think I may have confused the matter...

I already have a fully functioning main PC. It serves me quite well, and spends alot of it's time encoding MPEG-2 video. While it's encoding, I dislike using it since it slows down the encode. So, I need a second PC.

Option 1 is to build one from scratch. This would be a nice option because I could "leapfrog" my current PC in terms of speed and technology, but it is the pricier option.

Option 2 is to make use of a bunch of "surplus" hardware I have lying around. This is what I'm trying to do, since it is a cheaper option.

My surplus hardware consists of:

1. 384 MB of PC-133 SDRAM
2. 20GB 7200rpm HD
3. DVD/CD-RW optical drive
4. Floppy Drive
5. An NVIDIA FX-5200 video card
6. Case
7. 425 Watt PSU

So, all I really need to tie this stuff together is a mobo and a CPU/HSF. Since P-III is the most recent technology that still uses SDRAM, that's why I thought of the socket370/P-III solution in my previous post. Is there a cheaper option, using comparable AMD components, than the solution I came up with?


Oh... Okay. Sorry if I misunderstood. Well, for me, in my opinion, I would just upgrade Motherboard and CPU. If you're looking for a fairly cheap one, a AMD CPU and a KT400 VIA Chipset would be a good deal. But how much money are you willing to spend on option 2?
Well, for option two, I have this picked out:

1. DFI CA64-TC VIA 694T Chipset - Socket 370: $59
2. Intel P-III 1.13GHz / 133FSB / 256K L2: $44
3. Speeze WhisperRock II HSF: $9
4. Trendware KVM 2-port model TK-205I (So I can share my Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor): $23

All this on NewEgg, including shipping, for $149.

So, I guess $150 is my pricecap. If there's a comparable, cheaper, AMD option that allows me to use all my surplus in the same way I might consider an AMD option.
Well you can always go for an AMD Athlon. Like what boa said: Buying an AMD 1700+ T-bred B for $25 isn't bad at all. If you consider to overclock, then you can defintely. But its up to your decision. What ever is best to suit you. But from my stand point, AMD would be the way to go. I dunno about America but here in Australia, the AMD items are alot cheaper than the Intel ones (Athlons & M/Boards) but I guess its the same there in the west.
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