ok, i bought the evga brand for the far cry game. i was goin to get the game anyway so its like i got my vd card for 350 since the game came with it. BUT i was goin to get bfg for the factory overclock. i want my evga which is 350/1000 to be the same as the bfg brand at 370/1000. would this overclock be a bad idea? i mean, right now my card is at 55 c. if iplay games for a bit it goes to 60 to the mid 60's. should i just leave it alone? i would like it to run the same as the bfg brand but would it be worth it. AND if i do intend to overclock, should i click the box that says 'keep fan running' or whatever that is.


what do you guys think i should do with over clocking

btw, i have 3 cooling fans on my case.
The 6800 GT's overclock very well. The 20 MHz in clock increase to reach that of the bfg wont make your card sweat at all unless you've been struck with a real stinker. Alota people easily overclock to ultra levels and much further. Not sure about that keep fan moving option. If you do o/c dont jump into it follow the methods in the o/c stickys.