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After a full month of only troubles and crashes I have finally figuered out it was my new HD (WD1000BB) that caused all those trouble all the time.

When I run WD:s own diagnostic test (run from floppy) it reported that my drive had several inrepairable errors. The reason why I haven't run this test since now is that it has always been possible to install OS but it crashes after a while and I have thought this was caused by a driver or a program that I had installed. Another reason why I havn't run the diagnostic test is that you can not create the necessary floppy from win2000, only from 95/98 enviroment. Why can't WD include this floppy when you buy the drive??

Thanks all to you all that helped me with several questions during
this last month, I hope that a new drive will solve all my problems.


Thanks for the info!! That sux dude...can you get a replacement other than a WD?