Sorry about the cross post. I didn't notice the tech support forum down here.

I have a question that I would like to throw at you in hopes that you've ran into this issue before. I just built my own machine, here are the specs:

Motherboard: P4G800-V (asus)
Chip: Intel p4 3.0ghz l2 512 cache
RAM: PC3700 DDR Corsair 433mhz (1gig, 2 chips, dual channel mode)
Video Card: Radeon 9800 Pro (asus)
Sound Card: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz
Hard Drive: Western Digital 120 gig SATA drive.

I have been having strange problems since I pieced this machine together. At first I thought it was bad RAM, but now after actually getting Windows 2000 installed, I see these errors in my event log:

An error was detected on device DeviceHarddisk0DR0 during a paging operation. (Event ID 51)

The device, DeviceIdeIdePort3, did not respond within the timeout period. (Event ID 9)

The driver detected a controller error on DeviceHarddisk0DR0. (Event ID 11)

The device, DeviceScsist3wolf1, did not respond within the timeout period. (Event ID 9)

I have the latest Intel ATA Controller drivers for this drive, and I have been to  to try to solve the issue with no luck. I can relay to you my BIOS settings regarding the drive if you wish. I am at my wits end! The drive access is SLOW, (I am talking 40 minutes to copy 2.5 gigs on a SATA drive). I have gone through a complete chkdsk /r scan with nothing. I have used Western Digital's Self diagnostics tool and turned up no errors. Here's where it gets even weirder.

There have been a few incidents where my machine rebooted unexpectantly (once during a storm, another was during a BSOD.) and when the machine rebooted, the display was corrupted completly! So the first thing I did was uninstall the ATI display drivers. After doing so and booting the machine off of Standard VGA, it looked fine. Then reinstalling the ATI Drivers resulted in the corruption again. The only thing that solved the issue was reverting to Last known Good configuration. Now if my machine reboots for any reason other than shutting it down normally, the display corruption is pretty much mandated and I will have to revert to LNGC. At first I thought this all indicated that my hard disk was simply bad or going out, but why would the corruption be limited to the same thing? If my HDD was bad, wouldn't my entire file system be corrupted? And wouldn't that occur at random and different times/clusters?
Can anyone offer any help here? I am desperate..
Sounds like a goofy mobo to me. Try the drive in another system if you can. What you describe sounds like a goofing mobo to me though.
Or try a different hdd in that system