I am using a sapphire ati radeon 9800 pro and I have been doing fine except for the fact that when I access the advanced settings from the desktop, in the smartgart tab, it says I'm running at 0x agp.

I was like O_o, if the card were workin on 0 agp it wouldn't even produce any graphics at all right?, but Im still able to play any games. However i do have some wierd slowdowns that I know werent supposed to happen and I think they are due to this problem.

I used sandra 2003 to test my pc and it said too taht im running at 0x agp and that my mobo isnt properly configured for 8x agp. I mean when I try to set the agp to 8 im prompted to restart my comp, which I do and then after reboot its back to zero.

My mobo is a asus p4p800 and i relly dont know what to do, cause I cant find that option that will let my mobo recognise a 8x agp card, pls help
try reinstalling your mobo drivers, should be on a "restore" disk that came with your computer
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Or even better go to the Asus site and download the latest chipset drivers.
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^Yip, try un-installing your graphics drivers, D/L latest mobo drivers from ASUS, then re-install graphics... hopefully that'll fix it. If I remember correctly, someone else on this forum was having the same problem not to long ago, can't remember who it was though.
thanks, ill try it ill let you know what happened
hmm by mobo drivers do you mean update the bios?
forget it, i solved it at last, thanks for your help
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