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Hi all
righty oh!

I have a
3ghz p4
512mb DDR pc333 Ram
80gb HD
Radeon 9200se

ok, i am a gamer and a 3d rendering graphics freak (but cpu does most of the rendering) lol

but i know that i need a new vid card.
I have about 170 to spend

any recommendations?
I have been looking at the fx 5700U and 9800 pro

but i would like to have some cash left over
is going for the 9800 pro a good idea?...
and is it worth the extra?

second question lol
if i go for an ATI card, will i have to re-install the drivers or something?..
or just put the card in and it will work?

third question
what is the minimum PSU for a 9800 pro, and 5700U

cus mine was a stock pc, and i am guessing that the psu is crap lol

i am unsure...

please all, help me out
dude the 9800 pro is better by aaaaaaaa loooooooot...if you want nvidia go with an MSI 5900XT...those are pretty sweet about 180bucks...If you were to buy id wait if i were you for the new cards...the prices of the current nvidia and radeon cards will go down in for the psu...what psu do you currently have?
The 9800 Pro will be considerably better in's up to you whether it's worth the extra money for it over the 5700 Ultra though

I still wouldn't just throw the card in and expect it to work. Windows will still have knowelege of using those drivers for the other just uninstall, shut down, take it out of the system and put the new one in

I'm sure both cards could be run on a decent 400w...depending on the components in the rest of the system...whats the wattage on your PSU? what are the amperages on it's rails?
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how would i find out the

are the amperages on it's rails?

i will take a look at the psu for wattage now...


There is no sticker on the psu...
and no wattage or numbers :confused: :eyecrazy:

can i download a program that will tell me?
Could the sticker possibly be on TOP of your PSU?
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i dont really want to chance taking it out lol
SS Joe
For a 9800 Pro, ATi Recommends atleast a 350watt PSU. As for having to re-install the drivers, most likley yes. I had to re-install my drivers when switching from a 9500 Pro to a 9800 Pro.
As advised in MANY other threads going on right now, I would not buy a card yet. Wait till the newer cards come out and the prices of the current high-end cards come down. When the new ATI cards are released, the 9800 Pro will drop in price.

As I have said in ALL the other threads concerning new video cards right now: