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I was just wandering about this issue, I have an intel mobo MV2
with 4x AGP and I have a geforce ti 4600 8x AGP, will the 4x AGP on my board affect the performanceof the card in games?,
will it be good to upgrade to a MSI 875P board?
one more question, If i bring any board that supports 8x AGP, will I have better FPS in games?
You won't see much or any difference, unless it is a DX9 card.
You might see a few depends on the game and how much RAM your card has. If it's a 128mb card you probably won't see much.
For the current crop of games the difference in running a card at 4x and the same card at 8x the average difference between the 2 will be neglgible(2-3%).But at tops it is about 5-8% during benchmarking,in other words the difference is only on paper.The 4x slot delivers a little over 1gb of transfer rate and the current crop of games aren't able to blog it up.But the games of the future like doom3(not beta which has bugs but the orignal version)half life 2 will bog the 4x speed and 8x would be recommended for better performance.But perhaps that period will be a useless because soon the pci express will be released and then be double as fast as agp 8x and be better recommended.
PCI Express isn't coming THAT soon, more like Q4 next year.