everytime the pc starts up i see the windows xp intro screen and the quickly
a (well familir) darkblue screen for less than a second and then a restart (crash?) (over and over again)

i inserted the in xp pro + sp1 cd and tried repair, before install i get a blue screen with errormsg suggesting to try scandisk /f

tried reinstalling, same result

tried scandisk, ,chkdsk, etc, can't access any of the harddrives, scandisk lists NTFS drive.

I took the IDE drive from this PC and put it in the other PC and disconnected the other harddrives.
Put this one on IDE channel1 and as master (like it is on this (alternative, second) PC,
it was seen by the BIOS at startup, but does not boot into windows, it gets stuck in a cycle again, but without any quick bluescreens.

I have never seen or heard of something like this.

Any ideas? my 1st though: mainboard, ,and on second though: no not that mainboard, because it might not even have started up then. 3rd thought: RAM, 4th thought virus in RAM.
5th thought: howdo i find out what is broken? i can't just return everything, because it wasn't bought all at one place.
Can you get into safe mode?

you might try booting up with a bootdisk and fdisking your MBR ("fdisk /mbr") ...then try to re-install XP (boot to CD)

RAM can't hold a virus...when the system shuts down RAM loses power and can't keep data
safe mode won't work, i will try that /fdisk mbr though, TIA
fdisk /mbr did not work,
i can't see my C: or 😨 harddrives at the dos prompt either
sometimes the screen goes blank and everything stops while i'm
doing stuff to fix this (for exampke when i'm at the dos prompt),
the power stays on though.
it also gives a blue errormsg screen when i try to reinstall windows xp pro w/ SP1, repar: same thing. harddisks gone bad? i hope not...
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well for one, your hard drive is not gonna boot to windows on an other computer unless you installed windows WITH that computer. And is your hard drive making any odd noises? And if it was a "crash" i'm pretty sure you would know it cuz your hard drive would be making a lot of noise. A crash is when the read write head on the hard drive hits the platter....which is bad. So unless you heard some noise from there i don't think it was a crash. It could of been a virus that imbeaded itself into your CMOS....that would NOT be good. It could also have been a virus that got into the boot sector on your hard drive, you're gonna have to delete the old partitions and make new ones and reformat the hard drive. You should hook up the hard drive as a secondary hard drive on an other computer to see if the hard drive is still working properly first tho. If the HD is found and it works(you can put files on it, take files off it) then the problem is not the hard drive. it would be either something that was on the hard drive or something else. If the hard drive doesn't's trash, if you need anything off it then you can try sticking the HD in a freezer for a few hours then hook it up to a computer as a secondary drive again and try to get as much off of it as you can.
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