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I am trying to decide between these boards.

1)What are the "key" differences between these boards?

2)Do they both support 4X AGP?
They are both damn good boards!! The KA7 abit has 6 pci slots whereas the Asus only has 5, which is a major feature if you have tons of stuff. I have read ( that the Asus performs slightly better than the KA7 though. The Abit is more overclockable than the Asus but if you get a GFD (Gold Finger Device) then the FSB settings are not as critical. They both support AGP 4X. You may think about the KA7-100 if you ever plan to upgrade your hard drives. It supports ATA-100 which is much faster than the current ATA-66. You really can't go wrong with either board. Hope this helps!!
The KA7 also has 4 DIMM slots unlike the K7V, which only has 3. Also, it is slightly smaller physically, which may be a factor if you have a smaller case. Both are really great boards, but I'd go with the KA7 if you want overclockability and future expandability (especially with the KA7-100) over stability.
Okay I have seen all the stuff on the Gigabyte board for testing the T-bird but what about testing on the Abit KA7/100 also is the new pc150 going to be able to run on the KA7/100 as well? I know it will run the Coursair mem. Your thoughts.......
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