I am going to be "building" a new pc soon. Actually I am going to use all my stuf from my "BestBuy" Bought PC and put it into a new case and Motherboard.

I just bought a new Harddrive for my system I currently use. How do I go about using this HD in the system I plan on building>? Do I simply hook everything up and install the harddrive? or do I have to erase everything on it first>?

Also, it looks like the old system came with a Compaq/Windows XP cd. Can I use this or do I have to go out and buy a new OS?

alright...yes youa can simply hook it up and run it...but i recommend formatting it...because it will take forever to find drivers for the new pc, and it would run answer to the other Q, yes you can use the disk...but there is a chance it might not work, because it might know that its not a compaq
well, I thought it might work the same way it did when I upgraded my CPU. I was hoping, I could simply replace my old Motherboard with the new, without any changes being made. My OS, and games info, etc would stay exactly how it is....

Would this work like that>?
Hi there,I've just finished doing exactly this,mate,new mobo/case....... I just plugged everything in and turned it on,it worked( I was kinda surprised).....

I would (as Bildonia said) definately format the drive I had to do it anyway,as comp kept crashing...... alot better after format/re-install..

I also used my winXP disc I got with my Advent comp,worked fine for me,although I had to update drivers etc.....

as for chipped cpu,not sure,(wouldn't like a chipped cpu myself).....but have a look at it says... "luck...or what";act=ST;f=5;t=2377 
Marco C
In general, you can simply connect the hard drive to the new motherboard and boot the system, but we wouldn't recommend it. When you do this, Windows XP will usually re-start a few times to detect all of the new motherboard resources and other hardware, and then install the necessary drivers, but in our experience the system will not always be stable. If you want to give it a shot, you may get lucky, but for the best results we'd recommend compeltely reformatting the hard drive and reinstsalling your operating system to start "fresh".

If the Compaq / Windows XP disc that came with your system is a "Restore CD", you will probably not be able to use it to install the operating system on your new machine. Restore CDs generally copy a clean image of the original OS installation from the disc back to the hard drive, but this isn't the same as actually installing a clean verion of Windows XP. If the CD is just an OEM Windows XP installation disc, however, you should be able to use it. Look on your existing system or the CD case for a Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity sticker with your product key on it. You'll need this product key to compelte the installation. Boot to the CD, and follow the on-screen instructions to install Windows. At one point early in the installation, you'll be asked if you want to leave the existing file system intact of if you want to format the drive. Choose the option to format the drive (we'd recommend using the NTFS file system), and you should be all set.
cool. I will try that. And then reformat it.

How do I reformat it>? Or actually what is reformatting>?
First go get an A+ cert book and read it,
second when you put the xp boot disk in , read the directions. it tells you what to do pretty much..
make partition,
select partition to install windows
format partition using ntfs or fat( use NTFS )
formatting is erasing the disk and preparing it for a clean install of the operating system.

as far as the compaq cd,, ive used a gateway cd on a compaq,, booted up and all. funny seeing a gateway boot screen on a compaq. ran good and everything, granted this was about 2 yrs ago... now its just spare parts.