i know the aero 7+ was a great HSF but is the aero 4 any good i'm looking for a good HSF anyone know...
the Aero 7 lite is the best and its only 17 bucks at
but i have a p4 wish i could get it thats why i'm asking about the aero 4
From the specs and reviews I've read, the Aero4 should do for Intel what the Aero7 does for AMD.

I have the Aero7+ and with my XP1800 OC'ed and under full load I'm running high 30's. The Aero4 on an OC'ed P4 at full load is running 38-41C. The same set-up but using the stock Intel cooler the temps at full load are 53-57C. There is a big difference. I would go with the Aero4+, it's $8 more than the lite version but with the full copper HS your temps will be 4-5C cooler than with the aluminum HS of the Aero4 lite.

If you get the Aero4, what you think is a thermal pad is not. Cooler Master did away with the old pads and pre-applied Shin Etsu themal paste. Oh, and you get a nice case badge too, what more could you want
ok i'm pretty sure i'll be ordering the Aero 4 soon but will i have any trouble with the HSF fittin in my Abit IC7 Max-3
The Aero4+ is 70mm square. Measure from the center of your proc out 70mm and see if it will clear your capacitors or anything else around your socket. You can do some modding to the HS if needed. But not too much, you don't want to decrease the surface area too much.