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I finally decided to get a new computer, and get rid of the old PII. I decided to buy a P3 800 for about $400, which seems like a pretty good deal. The problem is that I want a good enough motherboard so that when the 1000+ Mhz chips arrive I only need to buy a new chip, and not worry about upgrading the mobo. I was thinking of a a slot 1 i820 board with DIMM ( as opposed to RIMM )because I don't have that much cash to throw around. Will the later chips still function with this setup? Thanks for any help.
At the tech store where I work we have had a lot of issues with all the latest intel mobos. Maybe just a bad trend or something. Personally, I'd suggest an Athlon overall. For the price you paying I'd get a T-Bird 900 or faster with a good KT133 Mobo. You'd have money to spare too. I ain't saying intel is bad, just that we has some issues with theirs mobos.
I agre, Intel is having a bad mother board year. Beleave it or not, as funny as it may seem, Intels older mobo, the 440 bx, will hav all the new motherboards for breakfast. So about now if you whant performance, you havto sacrafice 4x agp, and pc 133 soport. Onother thing is the 440 bx does hav soport for a 133 fsb, but is not made to run that way, so you are pretty much overclocking the mother board. And it usually will soport a 1giga and is vary cheep. it looks vary bad for Intel about now, and i would also recomend an athlon. The tbirds are comming, but if you whant a cost effective way to go, get an athlon 850. It will cost you less then 400, and later on when you whant to upgrade to a giga, you can take it to a shop, or ship it online, and it can be clocked way beyond 1 gig without specail cooling. If you whant
to do it yourself, go to, and go to cpu giud. There you will finde out how you can clock it via mooving the resistors. Or you can go the ez way wich is what im doing and order an overclocking card at for only 40 bux which plugs into the top of the athlon cpu, and alows you to set the clock by switches. I hav an Athlon 700, and am waiting for my oc card to com in the mail. Im planing to clock it up to 1gig with maby a shroud, or a biger cooler. Although I heard I might not need anything other than my box cooler wich is rather larg.
Hope we helped.
I just shelled out 600 bux for a 128 meg RIMM and boy does my butt hurt. It runs fast as hell but unless you just got the cash laying around I would get an Athlon and do what Gen0c1de says. Otherwise I would wait like 2 weeks and get a T-Bird and one of the new boards that will be coming out. If you want to stay with Intel you could also wait and see if the 815E chipset starts getting faster. They are rock solid but the performance is barely on par with the Via chipset and slower than the BX!! You will be able to upgrade chips with any of the new solutions so I wouldn't worry about that.

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