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The Lounge - General Discussion 19 6,901105,735
Something meaningful to say or do you just want to flap your gums?

HotHardware Tech News 271 7,48026,380
The place where you'll find daily HotHardware News stories for discussion, that don't relate to a specific HH Forum category.

HotHardware Reader Requests 1121,028
A place to log your request for what you'd like to see here at HH in the future! Reviews Discussion 2 5072,538
Discuss a recent HotHardware article or review!

HotHardware Folding Forum 1 3543,228
Fold Those Proteins, Help Find A Cure, and Show Your HH Colors!

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Submit your ideas on what you would like to see in the coming months at!

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Just Frequently Asked Questions!

High Tech Humor! 1 2749
For the funny jokes about tech!
Personal Electronics and Mobile Computing
Notebooks 287 1,5954,894
Desktop Replacements, Thin and Light, Ultra-Lights - Share it all here!

Home Electronics 1 6521,990
Audio Equipment, TVs, DVDs, HD, iPods, Etc...
PC Components

Motherboards 5 4,59724,330
Talk about the heart of your system here!

Memory 1 1,0434,495
SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, Flash Cards - Get your RAS and CAS on here!

3D Graphics Cards and Video 6 6,57342,894
NVIDIA, ATI, Matrox, PowerVR, even 3DfX! Graphics chips and the boards that they are built on.

Power Supplies 255 4772,275
PSUs and related PC Power Supply Topics

Monitors and Displays 315 1,1994,951
CRTs and Flat Panels - A window on your PC world.

PC Audio 9084,068
Audio Cards, Speakers, and all things that bring out that "phat bass".
Apple Products
Apple Notebooks and Desktop Discussion 160860
Here's Apple the place to your your Mac on for Notebooks and Desktops

Apple Handheld Devices 7352,943
iPods, iPhones - mobility, you get the idea

Apple Software 1 345991
Safari, OS X - all things software for the Apple crowd
Overclocking, Benchmarks, Mods and Misc.
Cases, Cooling and Miscellaneous 299 2,32515,969
Keeping your Classy Chassis Cool

My Rig! 1 2522,847
Details And Pics Of Your Custom-Built Killer Machine

Overclocking General 1,39010,651
Maximize your CPU and Graphics performance here and share your knowledge!

Benchmarking and Benchmarks 1 1912,183
You think you're so bad? How much you bench?

The Workshop - Help For Complete System Builds 1 8616,445
Building killer rig but don't want to burn through money for no gain? Here's your place to exchange ideas and opinions.
Software, Gaming & Networking
Gaming 306 3,54325,184
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Game on brothers and sisters!

Operating Systems and Software 10 2,84413,321
Isn't this a hardware forum? Yes, but you need something to run on it, right?

Networking and Internet Connectivity 1,3945,874
Home LAN, SOHO, Enterprise - you name it. If it has a ping it's in here.
General Hardware
Tech Support 5 4,31021,067
Got a question about your gear or next purchase? Is there a ghost in your machine? We'll try to help!

Hardware Rumor Mill 1 85604
What's the buzz you're hearing about the next greatest thing in PC/Tech Gear?? Sling that trash here!

For Sale & Trade 3 1,4475,246
Sell your stuff or buy stuff from an end user - Non-retail items

Consumer Reviews and Product Feedback 104587
Have an opinion on some kick-ass PC Gear or perhaps something we should avoid like the plague? Post your viewpoints here!
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