PC Components
Processors (General) 331 3,95728,197
AMD, Intel etc. (Old General Forum section)

Motherboards 6 4,59724,330
Talk about the heart of your system here!

3D Graphics Cards and Video 11 6,57342,894
NVIDIA, ATI, Matrox, PowerVR, even 3DfX! Graphics chips and the boards that they are built on.

Memory 1 1,0434,495
SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, Flash Cards - Get your RAS and CAS on here!

Power Supplies 2 4772,275
PSUs and related PC Power Supply Topics

Monitors and Displays 3 1,1994,951
CRTs and Flat Panels - A window on your PC world.

PC Audio 2 9084,068
Audio Cards, Speakers, and all things that bring out that "phat bass".
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