Der Meister
Classical: Go try some Russian army Chior... The navel hyme is great. its from hunt for red october the movie. i recomned it to all
Some howardshore is nice
I have the three LOTR Sound tracks
calms me down quite a bit I usaly use it to go to sleep.
I suggest Howard Shore
Thunder Chunks
Mainly Iron Maiden.

Cant wait for the new Bruce Dickinson, Foo Fighters and Funeral For a Friend album.

Also listening to The Libertines, The Killers and Keiser Chiefs.

Depends what the god of MP3s selects for me on the way to/ from work.

Ramman, never underestimate the power of GnR, especially when you were on the pull at college
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The power of a cat sqeeling as it's being raped. Yes. That's what Axl sounds like to me...
For heavy music fans check out Avenged Sevenfold. The critics reckon the dude has a voice like Axl Rose, but man A7X rock and his voice is better than Axl's, they are just so classy.

Classical, i really like orchestra, for example, clair de lune, by the Philidelphia Orchestra (Ocean's 11 soundtrack)
I often listen to remix music, because it makes me energetic to work during the day, and at night I usually sip a cup of coffee and enjoy soothing music, all of them on darmowe dzwonki na telefon 
I have to go with almost everything. Though HipHop and Rap not so much - only certain songs and only when I'm in the mood.